ADTRAV Travel Management

Strategic Data Insight and Business Intelligence For All Areas of Your Business.

From an analysis of current travel trends and spend history, RezIntel allows you to predict the effectiveness of program initiatives, measure changes, and react in ways that will optimize not only your travel program, but your business as well.

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Born From the Complex World of Travel Management

Born of ADTRAV’s extensive experience in the corporate travel ecosystem, RezIntel was designed to help organizations effectively manage the large amounts of data generated by today’s travel programs and utilize this data to make smart, informed travel policy decisions. Our travel intelligence system is loaded with extensive data preparation and reporting capabilities that will positively impact your business from the moment it goes live. 


A Single, Integrated Dashboard
    View all travel spend and key metrics across your organizations travel eco-space in a single integrated display.
User-Specific Data Access Permissions
    Control what data specific users have access to from an admin level. Users can be assigned to a defined set of data, i.e., companywide or individual user or department.
Fully-Customizable Configuration
    Designed to be highly configurable to each client’s needs, reports are available by division, project, department, or any other organizational structure required.
On-Demand Reporting
    A dynamic connection to the data enables users to click on travelers, suppliers, justifications, or any other data displayed, and the report updates within seconds.